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Did you know there are cat videos on YouTube? Yes, really!

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Single Cat

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
Anakin The Two Legged Cat 75 14K 5.1M
The Baron: Fat Cat 54 1.6K 892K
Boy The Cat 342 2.4K 301K
Alvi cat channel 327 72K 16M
Frozen Kitten 92 65K 7.2M
Why I smile 32 23 24K
Hosico Cat 818 427K 123M
Jonasek The Cat 58 29K 8.0M
Lil Bowie Cat 8 108 9.3K
Lil BUB 270 330K 60M
Mico Kitty 813 3.8K 768K
IAmNalaCat 109 29K 1.3M
N2 Cat Crew 211 159K 59M
Puko’s Porch 90 1.8K 359K
CatPusic 265 1.9M 725M
Cat Roxy Rocker Kitty 278 2.5K 331K
Sissi The Red Cat 473 33K 3.3M
The Six Cats Parade 421 751 616K
smoothiethecat 159 146K 25M
TheMeanKitty 210 1.4M 383M

Multiple Cats

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
Arirang은 고양이들 내가 주인 656 636K 328M
Bad Cat 47 86K 11M
CatVantage Story 36 4.5K 707K
Cole and Marmalade 437 1.5M 441M
Dream & Diamond Cats 72 432 114K
Funnycatsandnicefish 374 553K 187M
Outdoor Cats 376 48K 18M
Ginger Kitties Four 524 419K 159M
Hot Rocket Bengal Cats 27 12K 3.6M
Jennifer Morales - Feline Films 654 7.2K 1.7M
The Kits Cats 869 103K 48M
Kitten Academy 2.7K 239K 47M
Kittipandas 50 708 38K
Kittisaurus 217 2.8M 616M
Luvcat Home 4 189K 1.8M
스튜디오 그냥 1.1K 3.8M 1.8B
크집사 804 1.4M 401M
Krzysztof Smejlis 488 39K 35M
Maggie and Brophy 157 873 93K
Miaou 5.9K 146K 121M
My 3 Feral Cats 2.9K 3.0K 1.2M
My Kitti Cats 148 6.3K 183K
Ozzie and Zeke 94 555 111K
Pastel Cat World 2.7K 309K 264M
pawsthekitty 108 652 113K
Oriental Cats Rexton & Bella 176 3.5K 1.1M
Sho Ko 471 363K 172M
Snoopy and Doby 194 4.5K 1.1M
Talking Kitty Cat 167 2.9M 996M
Tom and Mimi 1.6K 231K 89M
Tom & Mimi 1.4K 32K 14M
랙돌열한스푼 722 517K 135M

Cat TV

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
Birder King 193 153K 107M
CAT TV 228 45K 19M
Patsy’s Garden 80 20K 6.8M
Paul Dinning 2.2K 735K 568M
Red Squirrel Studios 168 45K 17M
Relax My Cat - Relaxing Music for Cats 2.3K 901K 226M

Cat Animations

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
Simon’s Cat 495 6.3M 1.6B
Simon’s Cat Extra 535 744K 165M

Cat Charities / Rescue

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc 2.9K 5.9K 1.5M
Cat Man Chris 124 941K 159M
Cats Protection 426 41K 13M
Robin Seplut 3.3K 1.6M 553M
TinyKittens HQ 956 249K 176M

Cat Products / crafts

Channel ↕ # Videos ↕ Subscribers ↕ Views ↕
CatCrazy™ 322 112K 1.3M
Cat Lessons 76 80K 26M

Who maintains this list?

As you might have guessed from the URL, Code Cured The Cat is responsible for this list. Code Cured The Cat is a non-profit digital-first cat charity improving cat welfare and awareness by providing free services (like this!) and helpful information.

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